Gabriel’s stomach content is suctioned out and analyzed before he receives every feed. It’s a simple process to look at what and how his body is doing digestively as well as help remove air from his tummy. Last night before his 5pm feed, the day nurse checked his residuals and there was 1 mL of digested milk left that had a green tint. The nurse said, “at least it’s not bright green!” For his next feed at 8pm, the night nurse checked his residuals and he had 11 mL…neon green. I had a feeling since yesterday morning that something just wasn’t right. Gabe had been taken out from under the oxyhood and placed back on the nasal cannula, but this time he required a higher amount of air flow support (2 L) and more oxygen than when he was first put under the oxyhood. I have seen too many babies get sick with no warning… deathly sick. This was a very bad sign.

The night doctor was called in to analyze Gabriel. He was puzzled. He called off his 8pm feeding and ordered a xray, blood culture, complete blood count, and a test to check a level in his blood that indicates an infection (CRP). The x-ray looked ok, but Gabriel hasn’t had an abdominal x-ray since the end of October, so the doctor didn’t have anything to compare it to. When it came time to draw his blood, I had to step out and get myself together. I wailed. I just can’t fathom more, I don’t think I can handle more. And he shouldn’t have to suffer anymore!! I don’t know how Gabriel’s body would handle being sick again… not well without divine intervention.

It ended up that his blood count was fine and his blood isn’t indicating an infection, but we’re still waiting on the blood culture. So with no answers, he resumed feeds at 11pm. Gabriel’s day doctor isn’t concerned in the least bit and attributes his body’s signs as being a delayed reaction to his stomach surgery and to his recovering liver. However, the week leading up to Gabriel getting pneumonia almost 2 months ago his body was giving signs and the doctors not only could not decipher the signs, but they were attributing the signs to all sorts of things.

By the end of today Gabriel is requiring a little more oxygen and is intermittently breathing very fast. I’m on pins and needles. My stomach hasn’t ceased to be in knots since last night. Something is not right. I can feel it. Please prove me wrong, God.

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3 Responses to Knots

  1. Steph Haaser says:

    Prayers coming your way! Hopefully it is just a delayed reacton and nothing more serious!

  2. beth says:

    You are his mom, and sadly, you do know more than the doctors sometimes. SO, we will pray as you suggest, “God please prove her wrong”. Gabriel needs your divine intervention. He has had a rough go, but he is your precious “angel”. Would you again, because you can, bring a sense of peace and calm to Katelyn, an extreme measure of healing to Gabriel and prove once more you are in control. Grant rest and a restored function of Gabriel’s GI tract so the delight of a new day comes again. Your mercies are new every morning. Take away imperfect words and transform our hearts desire into prayers answered in your perfect way – that which grows our faith in you! Amen!! Get some sleep kids!!

  3. Tammy says:

    I come in agreement with your friend Beth. I pray He wraps you in His hands of peace. I pray an anointing over Gabriel as well. I still believe this sweet little guy is going to be a miracle for everyone to see. I also pray for the Drs. to be open to God’s wisdom in treating Gabriel and not their own. Love ya Katelyn!

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