My Champ

Gabriel’s bilirubin level has almost dropped in HALF! This means that his liver is working just fine now; no need for a specialist or any testing. Praise God.

Yesterday brought lots of good signs of progress. His Broviac line was taken out… meaning the doctors feel confident in his health and healing. He got to try bottle feeding for the first time in the morning and he took 3 mL! He started with a slow flow nipple and then a regular nipple and he did fine with both! No aversion, no fright; he did great. His swallowing and breathing in coordination with sucking is not there yet, but that comes with time and practice. Considering Gabriel’s circumstances (being intubated three times, having at least one tube in his mouth for 8 weeks, not feeding by mouth for 9 weeks, and having Down syndrome and the accompanying low muscle tone) he has done phenomenally. Speaking of low muscle tone, I laid Gabriel on my chest today for some cuddle time (not thinking that he was old enough for tummy time to be beneficial) and he picked his head up. My Gabriel picked his head up. This may seem like a typical early-on milestone, but this is HUGE for him! There were a couple of times in his 9 weeks when I thought he wouldn’t live to accomplish this milestone, and now he’s picking up his head.

Today was Gabriel’s third neurosonogram. It was to clarify the two earlier “questionable” scans; a grade 3 brain bleed and PVL (oxygen deprived tissue that causes holes in the brain). I’ve already dealt with the emotions related to Gabe having potential brain damage… but today, the doctor said there is no brain damage. She doesn’t think there ever was a bleed and there aren’t any holes in his brain tissue. In fact, she took “Grade 3 IVH and PVL” off of his diagnosis. Whether Gabriel had brain damage or not, I feel blessed. God has blessed me with the most perfect baby. He’s my champ.

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3 Responses to My Champ

  1. Beth says:

    Katelyn, not only is Gabriel strong and your CHAMP, He’s God’s BIG miracle!!! I don’t think brain bleeds and/or oxygen deprived tissues just disappear! That is ANSWERED PRAYER and nothing short of God’s amazing love for you both!!! PRAISE GOD from whom ALL blessings flow. Not only is Gabriel going to live to tell about it, you too are testifying of God’s amazing love!!! Keeping you both in prayer…by the way, one other true fact – when you were too angry to pray, God kept answering the prayers of others and was big enough to take your hurt and disappointment too!!! That is a God I am grateful to know too!! Hang in there mama…he’s gonna be home soon!!!

  2. Tammy says:

    Katelyn~this is extremely exciting! I am thanking God with you. He is a miracle worker. Gabriel is going to be a testimony of His hand. Smiling with you my dear.

  3. Melissa P. says:

    Katelyn – I have been following Gabriel’s journey with your Mom’s FB updates and here on your blog. I pray for your sweet boy every day and love to see the pictures and read the updates. God is working miracles! He has big plans for your little Gabriel – and for you as his momma. Jeremiah 29:11

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