Yep. Pneumonia.

The neonatologists finally got it…pneumonia. My precious 4 lb baby is battling pneumonia. Thankfully he has a common bacteria that the antibiotics have already begun killing. He seems to be feeling better, which is evident in his feisty-ness. He doesn’t like the tubes in his mouth and tape on his face, so as soon as he starts feeling better, what does he do? Try to pull them out! He’s getting strong…and getting in trouble! Yesterday he had socks on his hands to keep them from grabbing those tubes. Mommy’s little fighter 🙂

Gabriel is scheduled to have surgery in the middle of next week to correct his duodenal atresia. This, prayerfully, should be the last big hurdle he has to overcome. Post surgery he needs a quick and problem-free recovery. Then he has to work up to taking eight full feedings a day by mouth. This may seem like a simple task, but for babies feeding by mouth (as opposed to a feeding tube) is like running a marathon for an adult. It’s not simple or easy…at all. On the other hand though, Gabriel has a natural and strong suck! He sucks on a pacifier, his thumb (when he can find it), and he sucks on the two tubes in his mouth! The tubes take up so much room in his throat that he can’t make any sound like hiccups, sneezes, or crying. Despite the size of these tubes and how they make him gag sometimes, he still sucks on them!

Gabriel’s neurosonogram came back just as inconclusive… So he has another one scheduled in a few weeks. I’m praying for an uneventful weekend with my interactive little peanut!

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One Response to Pneumonia

  1. Beth says:

    He is SO beautiful!!!
    I am praising God surgery is a go!!!
    C’mon Gabriel! C’mon Mommy Katelyn!!!
    Be strong and courageous! God is with you!

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