Prayers for Gabriel

Since the day I was told about Gabriel’s Down syndrome I’ve prayed for both of us. Here are those prayers…

God, give me the patience and capabilities to care for Gabriel so that I may not disappoint you.
Protect Gabriel’s heart from defects and heal the hole that is present.
Guide the hands of the surgeons who will be fixing his duodenal atresia.
Bless Gabriel with nurses and doctors who see him as a precious gift and will care for him as if he was their own.
Keep Gabriel safe from those who would abuse him or take advantage of him.
Give Gabriel discernment beyond his years.
Shield Gabriel from people pretending to be his friends, when in truth, they have impure motives.
Gift Gabriel with the ability to not judge himself according to the achievements of others.
Bestow upon Gabriel a sweet nature, mild temperament, and loving spirit.
Bring Gabriel an appropriate understanding of social boundaries.
Allow Gabriel and I to network and connect with children, adults, families, therapists, teachers, and doctors who see the value in both of our lives and will support, guide, and help us along in achieving the plan you have for us.

Gabriel means God is my strength. Adaan means little fire…Gabriel Adaan Rauch.

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